Book review: Switched by Cassie Mae

27 novembre 2013

Title: Switched
Author: Cassie Mae
Series: stand-alone
Publisher: Random House - Flirt
Publication date: December 2, 2013
E-galley received though Netgalley for review

Ever since high school, Kayla has had a huge crush for football player Talon. However, before she could do something about it, he got together with her best friend Reagan. The only person who knows Kayla's secret is Wesley, who is Talon's best friend and in love with Reagan himself. Now the four of them are styudying at the same college and hanging out together all the time. Kayla and Wesley concoct a plan to have Talon and Reagan break up, so that Kayla can be with Talon and Wesley with Reagan. But when the plan seems to be working... is it really what Kayla and Wesley want?

Fitst of all, let me say that there are too many bizarre first names in this book. Talon and Reagan are weird (who names a girl after a past US president?); Kayla would be normal, except that her full name is McKayla. Kayla and Wesley try to do something very objectionable in this book - break up their best friends so that they can steal their significant other - and they cover up their own guilt by proclaiming they are doing it in their friends' best interest. Yeah, right. What Kayla doesn't expect is finding Wesley increasingly attractive, and beign jealous of Reagan when she begins to show interest in him.

I felt judgemental of Kayla and Wesley at first - trying to steal your best friend's boyfriend/girlfriend? No, no, no - but then I got involved in their sweet romance and denial thereof.

The novel is narrated in third person from Kayla's point of view, except for Kayla's diary entries detailing her progress, which are obviously in first person. This novel is fluffy and sweet, nothing ground-breaking but it gets the job done. 

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Cassie Mae 06 dicembre 2013 21:56  

Thanks so much for your review! :)

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